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Series of 35

Thirty-four portraits of women printed in the Platinum Palladium on Torinoko Gampi paper with chine-collè on Graphia (pure cotton, 300 gsm). “Sguardi”, made up only of female subjects, almost all close-ups to make the face the protagonist of the story, has as its common denominator the eyes of women, of all women, not only famous ones. Looks made even more intense and communicative by the photographic eye of Max Cardelli and also by the use of extremely thin Japanese paper (the Torinoko used is also called "egg skin" for its lightness and brightness), the result of a very long handmade treatment of the vegetable fibers, with a final effect of pearlescence, capable of giving each look a depth and an intense and unique language. Images that give the eyes a three-dimensional dimension, triggering in the visitor that duality of who looks and is simultaneously observed, in a reciprocity of emotions and universal moods. 

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