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“Wonderwomen, Portraits 1996-2016”, solo exhibition and book presentation

Stamberga, Milan, Italy

8 -11 June 2017

Here there are no looks, faces, hands, bodies of women, there are women. Women who look you straight in the eye inviting reflection. Women who laugh, a few, but really laughing, as you almost never see in portraiture, in photography even less so. Women who emerge from the material of the book, in the alternation of certainty and amazement of their deep and undisputed feminine being, understood in the most ancient and noble meaning. Etymology points to two readings. If the Sanskrit origin prevails in offering one's milk to nourish others, the Latin origin also proposes being the bearer of life. In both cases, the meaning of the transformation of something within oneself to direct it outward emerges. Here, the women portrayed seem fully aware of this potentiality of theirs, intense, melancholy or mocking, present to themselves always. Few are the men who plumb the depths of the feminine who can perceive its complexity and then capture its echo. (Silvana Turzio)

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