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"Havana - 50 years after the revolution"

5th Biennale of Ferrara, Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy

18 - 24 January 2011

A world premiere at the Imbarcadero Hall of the Estense Castle features 25 large original images fruit of the reportage of four trips to Cuba. 

The book with the complete collection of the slowly but steadily evolving snapshots, seen with an unobtrusive eye ready to capture the changes in lifestyle fifty years after the Castro revolution, was presented for the occasion.

Photographs as "interpretations of moods," stolen by a small rangefinder camera to "remark the uniqueness of the point of view on the subject seen from afar, as from a window."

The photos return Havana "suspended in limbo, between expectation and resignation," during the 50th celebrations of the Cuban revolution. Curated by Vincenzo Cignarale.

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